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Manchester & St. Albans

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ABOUT THE UK CHOIR FESTIVAL / all you need to know

Launched in 2016, The UK Choir Festival is a festival aimed to support, train and bring choirs together in a beautiful setting where people can learn, develop and thrive.

Produced by Producer & Musical Director, Russell Scott, the festival is designed for choirs of all abilities, ages and style, no matter whether you are a local community choir, a cappella choir, school or university choir, gospel choir, choral society or barbershop choir.

The UK Choir festival is produced to give choirs the opportunity to be taught by some of the top workshop leaders in the UK.

The UK Choir Festival promises to be exciting, informative, collaborative and culminates each day in an opportunity for each choir to perform on stage.


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The perfect setting to make perfect music
with some of the
BEST workshop leaders in the UK

2017 Workshop Leaders / meet the team

Ben Sawyer

Trainer & Choral Director

Ben Sawyer is quickly gaining an enviable reputation as a dynamic

Pete Churchill

Educator & Choral Director

Pete Churchill has been working as a composer, pianist, singer and

Russell Scott

Producer, Performance Coach & Musical Director

Russell Scott has been in the industry, professionally, for over 35yrs

Joanna Tomlinson

Professional Singer & Choral Director

Joanna Tomlinson is a conductor, singer and vocal trainer who trained

Joanna L’Estrange

Ex-Swingle MD and Jazz Vocalist

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange is a professional soprano and jazz vocalist whose stylistic versatility and consummate

Bazil Meade

Founder & Principal of the London Community Gospel Choir

Bazil Meade has been working in the music industry for over

Ula Weber

Conductor, Teacher Trainer and Workshop Leader

Ula is a leading conductor, teacher trainer and workshop leader, whose

Greg Beardsell

Musical Director and Choral Leader

Greg Beardsell is a leading light in music education and performance.

David Lowe

Classical Music Vocal Specialist

David Lowe is a classical music vocal specialist having worked with some

Stuart Overington

Conductor, Vocal Animator and Composer

Stuart Overington is an accomplished conductor, vocal animator and composer working

Karen Gibson

Choir Conductor and Workshop Leader

Karen Gibson, a full time, award-winning choir conductor and workshop leader,

Mark De Lisser

Vocal Coach, Choral Director & Arranger

Mark De-Lisser is one of the most sought after choral directors and

Polly Bennett

Movement Director, Choreographer and Practitioner

Polly Bennett is a movement director, choreographer and practitioner working across the

EXPERIENCE / what will it be like

Whether you decide to attend one day or the whole weekend, The UK Choir Festival will be a fun, informative and exciting weekend of music-making.

Each day will begin with a warm-up by one of our expert leaders, followed by a series of workshops on various elements of singing.

It will involve practical and method teaching, and everyone will be involved.  There will be mass choral singing, demonstrations, and each day, choirs will be given the opportunity to take part in a final performance.

The festival is non-competitive, but very much ‘hands-on’ for everyone to watch and learn from each other whilst being guided and developed by some of the best workshop leaders in the UK.

There will be opportunities to busk, make new friends and talk to the workshop leaders, as well as learn new techniques, brush up on performance, and hear about tips and tricks to help you be the very best you can be.

The UK Choir Festival is unique, and in 2017 is returning to the beautiful city of St. Albans in Hertfordshire.  We are also expanding with added dates in Manchester!

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity of learning from the very best and being part of some incredible music making.


2017 Festival Schedule / in Manchester & St. Albans

Ula Weber

Day 1 – Session 4 with Ula Weber

You Can Sing in Polish!

There’s nothing quite like singing in a language with hardly any vowels! Join Ula (conductor of the National Polish Folk Choir, Echo Doliny) as

Performance Session

The day concludes with performances by all choirs wishing to take the opportunity of performing on stage in front of our leaders, choirs and invited guests.
Joanna Tomlinson

Day 2 – Session 2 with Joanna Tomlinson

It's All About the Breath!

If we breathe well, we sing well!  Joanna Tomlinson leads a vocal technique session, working on our alignment, vowels, tongue and jaw tension, and

Stuart Overington

Day 2 – Session 4 with Stuart Overington

Varied Voices

An approach to different styles of music.  Each of us is blessed with a unique voice, but how do you approach a genre of music that doesn’t
Polly Bennett

Day 2 – Session 5 with Polly Bennett

The Movement Workshop - Move Your Music (Lycra Not Included!)

In our day to day lives our bodies are seldom still; so why is it that when we sing moving

Performance Session

The day concludes with performances by all choirs wishing to take the opportunity of performing on stage in front of our leaders, choirs and invited guests.
Greg Beardsell

Day 1 – Session 2 with Greg Beardsell

Pitch and Putt

You don't need to be a golfer to appreciate that you need clubs for different situations around the course. Sight reading is a bit like

Performance Session

The day concludes with performances by all choirs wishing to take the opportunity of performing on stage in front of our leaders, choirs and invited guests.
David Lowe

Day 2 – Session 2 with David Lowe

Conquering the Mysteries of Vocal Technique

After a lifetime of singing, directing and teaching David will help your group expand its repertoire of vocal colour and focus on

Pete Churchill

Day 2 – Session 3 with Pete Churchill

Learning By Ear

Pete is back!  This workshop will focus on the process of learning music by ear as well as improving our ability to memorise the material we are singing.

Performance Session

The day concludes with performances by all choirs wishing to take the opportunity of performing on stage in front of our leaders, choirs and invited guests.
Workshop leaders and timetable subject to change.


Expert Tuition | Mass Choir Singing | Performance
The Very Best in Choral Direction

2017 Festival Price list / great options for everyone

Outstanding Value For Money

There are 3 options for choirs to choose from.  Prices are per person, per day.



 Full admission
 Access to all workshops
 Unreserved seating
 Opportunity to perform in final showcase
 Performance feedback
Complimentary Festival Programme



 Full admission
 Access to all workshops
 Reserved seating
 Guaranteed seating in the front section of the raised tier
 Opportunity to perform in final showcase
 Performance feedback
 Complimentary Festival Programme

Limited number of Gold & Platinum tickets available.
All prices are per person per day and are inclusive of VAT. 
Bookings are non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-exchangeable unless the event is cancelled. Terms and conditions apply.


If you have any questions, check out our comprehensive FAQ section below

Festival FAQS / find your answers

No - you can book for which day or days you would like to take part in the festival.  You can take part in one day or both.  Each day will feature different workshops given by different workshop leaders, giving you variety, flexibility and the freedom to choose which is more suitable for you.  Both days culminate in performance opportunities and will be structured in the same way.  Prices quoted are per person per day.
Whilst we encourage everyone to perform, choirs do not have to take part in the final performance of the day.  We appreciate, some choirs will not choose to perform or perhaps will not have all members present to make a performance viable.  However, we do hope you will perform, and every choir will be given this opportunity.
The UK Choir Festival is open for choirs only.  You cannot apply individually.
Upon receipt of your completed booking form, we will send you our bank details so payment can be made to us.  Your choir's place is not guaranteed until full payment has been received.  We can only receive payment from one source on behalf of the choir - we cannot accept individual payments from attendees.
Guests are not permitted at the workshops who are not part of your choir.  However, tickets will be available for guests to watch the final performances of each day (subject to availability).  Booking Forms for tickets will be sent to you as part of your festival pack, which you will receive upon completion of your booking.
At the time of booking we only ask you to confirm the number of people attending from your choir.  We will ask you to confirm the names of those attending closer to the event.  In the meantime, subject to availability, you can add members to your party.  However, we cannot offer refunds should your numbers decrease.
Subject to availability you can upgrade your booking any time prior to 7 days before the event.  However, downgrades are not possible, and all choir members must be in the same booking band.
Aside from backing tracks, which are not permitted, you are welcome to perform a cappella or bring a pianist with you to play our beautiful grand piano which will be available throughout the festival.
Yes - there is limited parking in the school car parks.   In addition there is street parking available and many local car parks.
Yes - seating is available at ground level.  There will also be space for wheelchairs as required (advance notice is required for wheelchair access).
The UK Choir Festival is designed for all types of choirs, no matter whether you are a cappella, classical, pop and rock, jazz or gospel.  The workshops will teach and develop technique in a range of styles to help all type of choirs.  There will something for everyone!
No - we are totally flexible, so you can choose a different package on each day* and also choose whether to perform on either day or both days. *subject to availability.
Should you have any special requirements, these can be sent to us for consideration up to seven days before the event.
You won't need to prepare a great deal - just bring from yourself, perhaps a pencil and pad for any notes you may like to take, loose clothing (we suggest wearing in layers in case of changes to temperature), and an open mind.  Though refreshments may be available, we do recommend you bring plenty of water, snacks and a packed lunch if you prefer not to find somewhere in the vicinity.
It is not a residential festival nor are you obligated to attend both days, though there is plenty of reason to!  If you decide to attend both days and require accommodation, we have partnered up with two amazing hotels.  Upon receipt of your booking you will receive coupon codes to use when making reservations by telephone, giving you exclusive preferential rates.  Details of the hotels can be found on the website.
Choirs can take part so long as there are 4 or more attendees present.  In terms of the largest group, that is dependent on ticket availability, so if you want to bring your 100-strong choir, just as long there are tickets available, you are very welcome.
You certainly can - so long as we are aware in advance (min of 7 days prior to he event), you are welcome to pair up with one or more choirs to stage your performance.
The wonderful state-of-the-art theatres are 400+ seater venues in one tier with additional ground level seating rows.  Every seat is great - every seat feels intimate and you are never too far away from the action.  The festival will seem 'up close and personal' wherever you are seated.  But if you would like to have the best seats, do take a look at the Gold and Platinum packages available (subject to availability).
Whether you are new to workshops, a new choir, have been to workshops before or you are a 100-year old choir, this festival is designed for everyone and will offer something for everyone.  It is a community festival bringing choirs together to learn, develop and perform.
The UK Choir Festival is non-competitive, however, there is wonderful opportunity to receive some feedback by our expert panel of workshop leaders who will make notes on your performance.  These will be forwarded to each choir confidentially after the festival.  You will receive invaluable notes and opinion as well as suggestions for improvement and development to help you in the future.
Due to high demands for the festival, full payment must be made at the time of booking.  We cannot hold or reserve tickets.
There is no requirement to read music as part of the festival.
Depending on the numbers of choirs performing, each choir will have the opportunity of performing for up to 10 minutes.  This can be a cappella or with piano (a grand piano is available for use at the venue).  Backing tracks are not permitted.  Choirs will be notified of exactly how long their allocated slot will be nearer to the time of the festival.
Yes, all those attending need a ticket, no matter their capacity or what time they arrive.
Instruments requiring amplification or power are not permitted.  Acoustic instruments are permitted.  There will be a small storage area available for those bringing instruments, as instruments cannot be kept with their owners due to space restrictions in the theatre - Storage facilities are provided at the owner's own risk.We also provide a Grand piano for those wishing to have piano accompaniment.  Choirs must bring their own accompanist (who must have a valid ticket for the event).Choirs may also opt to perform a cappella. 
We may be able to ask one of the other choirs' accompanists to play for your choir.  Please contact us at your earliest convenience with your requirement and we will do everything possible to help.
Any/all music and lyrics needed for the workshops will be published in the complimentary festival programme provided to you upon arrival.  We are unable to forward these to you ahead of the festival.
Tickets are only available to choirs, thus we have a minimum order of 4 tickets.  Tickets are not available to individuals.For choirs attending, upon receipt of your initial booking, you will receive a coupon code to use when buying further tickets - this permits ticket quantities of any amount including single tickets.
Upon receipt of your initial booking, you will receive a coupon code to use when buying further tickets - this permits ticket quantities of any amount including single tickets.
No - all tickets must be purchased in advance of the festival via the website.
The festival is strictly for choirs only and is not available to the general public.
Tickets for the session should be purchased at the time of booking your choir's tickets.  However, should you book your tickets and then later decide you'd like to purchase them, please Contact Us.
There is plenty of parking available in and around the venue complexes.  There is also room for coaches to drop off and pickup.  There are however, no parking facilities available for coaches.
SILVER TICKETS - These tickets are 'unreserved' and many be at ground level or in the raked section.  GOLD & PLATINUM TICKETS - These tickets are 'reserved' in the 'best seats' section - thus being in the front of the raked section.  All seating is allocated on a first come first served basis.
The UK Choir Festival has an 'open to all' policy to encourage diversity, opportunity and equality.  Both children and adult choirs are permitted to attend.  However, all attendees are the responsibility of the choir, and for choirs whose attendees are under the age of 18, must ensure chaperones are in attendance as required under UK law. It is also important to state that inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated.  The management have the right to refuse admission or remove attendees in the event of any behaviour it feels is inappropriate. No exchange or refunds will be given.  Choirs should ensure the festival is suitable for their attendees and understand the format and expectations thereof.
Choirs from all over the world are welcome at the UK Choir Festival.  To learn from the very best workshop leaders and to perform alongside other choirs. No matter where your choir is from, you are welcome.
The festival is not a concert for professional choirs.   We do not pay choirs to perform.  The UK Choir Festival is a series of amazing workshops and gives choirs an opportunity to learn from the very best workshop leaders and perform alongside other choirs.
We expect around 20 choirs to be taking part each day of the festival, but numbers are dependent on group sizes and seating capacity.
All tickets must be in the same price band for each day purchased.
There is a cafe on site at both venues offering drinks, sandwiches and light snacks for purchase.  Attendees are also welcome to bring their own refreshments.  The local shops and restaurants are just a few minutes walk from the venues also.

Register now / book now to reserve your places

To process your booking, you will need to confirm how many tickets you require.
Tickets must be purchased by the Choir as a whole.
Tickets are not available on an individual basis. (Additional tickets may be purchased later).
Please have your bank or credit card details ready to complete your booking.
Please ensure you have read the Terms of Booking and the FAQ section before proceeding.

2017 Festival Location (Manchester)

Manchester High School For Girls
Grangethorpe Road
M14 6HS

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We are proud to have partnered up with two amazing hotels close to the festival venues.
Upon receipt of your booking you will receive an exclusive festival discount coupon to use if you require accommodation.


2017 Festival Location (St. Albans)

St. Albans High School For Girls
Jubilee Hall
Townsend Avenue
St. Albans

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Most questions can be answered in our intuitive FAQ section, but should you need to contact us directly please do.

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