The weekly UK Choir Festival Podcast launched in April 2021 and has a global audience.  Featuring news, views, comments and interview with industry leaders and choir directors, the podcast, hosted by Russell Scott every Tuesday, is a dynamic and inspiring show for both choir directors and singers alike.

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Mastermind Sessions for Choir Leaders

During the global pandemic, we are running regular Mastermind Sessions for Choir Leaders hosted by Russell Scott.  They are always well attended and book out quickly.  They are informative, interactive and supported by many choir leaders from across the UK and beyond where we openly discuss choir matters, the challenges being faced, guidelines, tips and ideas, as well as learning new ways to get the very best out of your choirs and your businesses.

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Our Festival Partners

Rayburn Tours are experts in creating tailor-made international concert tours for all types of youth and adult ensembles. From planning performances in inspiring venues to arranging group transport, accommodation and concert publicity, Rayburn Tours take care of all elements of the tour planning. Supporting the aspirations of musicians and providing them with exciting opportunities to grow and develop is at the heart of what they do which is why they are thrilled to support the UK Choir Festival.

Our Media Partners