Bazil Meade MBE

Bazil Meade MBE has been working in the music industry for over 2 decades. He is the founder and principal of the world famous ‘London Community Gospel Choir’.

Under his direction and tuition some of the industry’s finest gospel and R’n’B singers have blossomed and found successful careers.

Through his agency Choir Connexion he supplies singers for every kind of event imaginable, but being a multi-faceted man, he not only sings but also writes songs and arranges harmonies for vocal and choral parts. He excels in the recording session setting; his arranging skills are superbly shown on the Blur single ‘Tender’ where he arranged the choir vocals.

Other artists who have benefited from his expertise are Martine McCucheon, Phats & Small, Billie, the late Lynden David Hall and the inimitable Mel B; Bazil organised the choir and arranged the music for her wedding. He has just finished arranging the backing vocals for ‘World At Your Feet’, England’s World Cup Theme Song.

Vocal coaching is another area in which Bazil’s skills are much appreciated and used. Over the years he has coached singers Yazz, Eternal, Louise, Dina Carroll as well as private individuals merely wanting to learn or improve their skills.

He was the musical director for the hit West End production ‘Mama I Want To Sing’ and the BBC film ‘Hallelujah Anyhow’

Still filled with ideas, Bazil is beginning preliminary work on a choir Academy for young people.

Rev. Bazil Meade travelled to Tanzania with Compassion International, for whom he is an Ambassador.

Bazil Meade became patron of the UK Choir Festival in 2018.