The Vocal Workout with Charles MacDougall

After a prolonged period away from singing and choirs, many singers are understandably finding themselves simply not match fit for the demands of rehearsal and concerts! Award-winning singer, choral director and vocal coach Charles MacDougall will give you a full vocal workout tackling the core and satellite components of healthy singing technique which is guaranteed to get you back into action! Jam-packed with technical advice all delivered through fun, energetic and engaging activities, this session will – without doubt – increase your awareness and mastery of your instrument, providing tools for the vocal development of the individual singer as well as ideas for effective ways of working with choirs and singers of all abilities. Charles will show that everyone – no matter their level of ability or experience – can get to grips with the key elements behind classical training, improving their own sound, the sound of their choirs, and get us all back to sounding our best!