Sharon Mari

Sharon has a practice in Kent and London where she specialises in training CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) singers, rehabilitating injured voices and presenting vocal health workshops and masterclasses.Currently, Sharon is studying an MA in Voice Pedagogy where her main research is in vocal health and rehabilitation. She has been awarded bursaries to attend voice conferences in Europe and the United States. Sharon is a part of the Lewisham Voice Clinic, where there is a multi-disciplinary team who specialise in professional voice users. This setup can include a Laryngologist or ENT who specialises in voice, Speech Therapist, Physiotherapist or Osteopath and a Psychologist. Sharon has presented at various places including BIMM London and ACM Clapham. She has written articles for Communicating Voice (BVA newsletter) and isingmag. Her research on Vocal Rehabilitation was chosen to be presented at The Voice Clinic Forum and the Voice Geek conference. Alongside this, Sharon enjoys performing regularly and writing original music.