An Interview with Mat Wright

Russell talks with Mat Wright MBE, artistic director of the widely acclaimed Barnsley Youth Choir about the core differences between youth and adult choirs, confidence and how to overcome nerves on stage as you get older.  In this frank and engaging interview, we get an insight into Mat’s professional life, his vision and how to…

An Interview with Stuart Overington

Stuart Overington and Russell Scott talk about how a choir leader’s charisma can affect the choir’s performance and how important the personality of the choir is.  In this frank discussion, they talk about adult and youth choirs and how the less confident singers can feel less nervous and self-conscious on stage. CLICK HERE to watch…

An Interview with Ken Burton

An invaluable and honest interview with gospel leader, presenter, arranger and conductor, Ken Burton.  During the UK pandemic lockdown, they talk all things choir including style, vibrato control, pitch, competitions and how the personality of the choir director can affect performance. CLICK HERE to watch the interview

An Interview with Craig Lees

Choir Director, Vocal Coach and Arranger Craig Lees talks about his life and work, along with great tips for choir leaders and their choirs.  In this frank and invaluable interview, Russell Scott gets an insight into Craig’s busy and highly successful career. CLICK HERE to watch the interview

Top Podium Time Tips with Katie Thomas

Conducting specialist Katie Thomas gives help to choir directors and singers alike in this valuable interview about communicating with the choir and feeling the pulse.Find out more  

Looking After Your Voice

The British Voice Association has some great guidelines on how to look after your voice.  So, download your copy today!

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