About the UK Choir Festival

Launched in 2016, The UK Choir Festival is a festival aimed to support, train and bring choirs together in a beautiful setting where people can learn, develop and thrive.

Produced by Producer & Musical Director, Russell Scott, the festival is designed for choirs of all abilities, ages and style, no matter whether you are a local community choir, a cappella choir, school or university choir, gospel choir, choral society or barbershop choir.

Whether you are a choir of 4 people or 300 people, your choir will love being part of this exciting and dynamic festival, where learning and making great music is at its heart.

Hailed by American Express Essentials as one of the most ‘Awe-Inspiring Choral Festivals of the World’, The UK Choir festival is produced to give choirs the opportunity to be taught by some of the best workshop leaders in the UK.

" The UK Choir Festival ticks all the boxes; Its organisation, the variety of styles delivered by the workshop leaders well known for their different styles. Try it once. You'll want to return... every year! "

Rev Bazil Meade
Gospel Leader

"The festival is a fantastic opportunity to be challenged and inspired in your choral singing. I was really impressed by how different the workshops were and how much fun the day was! "

Stuart Overington
Workshop Leader

" The UK Choir Festival is a wonderful celebration of singing, with such a joyous atmosphere. I really like the fact that it's non-competitive, and just gives singers the opportunity to learn and perform in a supportive and fabulously fun environment. "

Joanna Tomlinson
Workshop Leader

" As a workshop leader, my favourite thing about the UK Choir Festival is having the opportunity to work with and see other great workshop leaders in action. It’s an amazing and rare chance to share good practice with these wonderful practitioners and to continue to learn more about the art of choral singing. I also love the performance platform at the end of the day, not least to feel the warmth in the room as each choir shares what they do with the other groups. A fabulous event! "

Ben Sawyer
Workshop Leader

" A very special atmosphere of committed, enthusiastic people eager to share singing techniques from every possible angle and musical genre. "

David Lowe
Workshop Leader


No matter which event you choose to attend, choirs take part in a series of amazing workshops given by some of the best workshop leaders in the UK, in a supportive, informative, collaborative, non-competitive and inspiring conference-style setting.

It will involve practical and method teaching, and everyone will be involved.  At the end of each day, choirs get the opportunity to rehearse and then perform (if they choose to) in front of each other and the panel of workshop leaders who will give each choir written constructive feedback.

The festival is non-competitive, but very much ‘hands-on’ for everyone to watch and learn from each other whilst being guided and developed by some of the best workshop leaders in the UK.

There will be opportunities to busk, make new friends and talk to the workshop leaders, as well as learn new techniques, brush up on performance, and hear about tips and tricks to help you be the very best you can be.

The UK Choir Festival is unique, and takes place in the beautiful locations of St. Albans, Manchester, Monmouth (Wales), Exmouth, Chichester and York.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity of learning from the very best and being part of some incredible music making.

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